CWS CCG Ophthalmology Waiting Times List



The following hospitals within Coastal West Sussex CCG accept direct referrals via the LOC/PEC Optomanager pathway.

The current notified waiting times for treatment under scheme are:

Western Sussex NHS Trust (Southlands/St Richards)   Cataract 25 weeks Glaucoma 16-20 weeks
Queen Alexandra Hospital (Portsmouth)   Cataract 25 weeks Glaucoma 17 weeks
Sussex Eye Hospital (Brighton)   Cataract 26 weeks Glaucoma 27 weeks
Queen Victoria Hospital (East Grinstead)   Cataract 25 weeks Glaucoma 24 weeks
Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust (Redhill)   Cataract 27 weeks Glaucoma 26 weeks
BMI Goring Hall Hospital (Worthing)   Cataract 4-6 weeks Glaucoma Not Available

For URGENT IOP REFERRALS i.e. Patients with IOP > 31mmHg - refer directly into secondary care and not via Optomanager. 

Waiting Time Information - provided by NHS England 

Please note that with effect 01/11/2017 both Optegra Guildford and Optegra Whitely have been removed from the Optomanager Referral service.

Nuffield Chichester are no longer part of the CCG scheme. 



For Southlands / Chichester / Goring Hall 21/01/2019

All others: 24/11/2017

Figures quoted represent the referral to beginning treatment time in weeks.

Cataract : treatment time represented in weeks for day case surgery

IOP: treatment time represented in weeks provided in an Outpatient setting.


Additional Information

As of the 20/03/2018 Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust are quoting the following waiting times for other ophthalmology specialities:

Cataract (One Stop Clinic)   22 weeks
Cornea   23 weeks
Glaucoma   26 weeks
Neuro   21 weeks
Oculo Plastics   34 weeks
Paeds / Squints   29 weeks
Retina   27 weeks
Yags   25 weeks